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Should Antlers Be Given To Dogs? It is common for dogs to receive dog antlers at least once. And because some people are convinced that these things are not safe for dogs, they also choose not to. Deer antlers are, actually, completely safe for these furry animals. For that, many dog owners give their pets antlers as a reward or a treat. Continue reading to know how beneficial antlers are to dogs. Deer antlers are actually good chew toys for dogs. By nature, animals like coyotes, wolves and dogs search for shed antlers in the wild. No one knows exactly why but they get essential nutrients from chewing deer antlers. These things do contain calcium and other things, so it makes sense. Dogs need calcium for stronger bones and teeth. To make the long story short, the dogs get the nutrients from chewing on antlers, the same way that animals do in the wild. For this very reason, a lot of vets recommend giving dogs antlers as a source of calcium supplement.
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So this goes to say that these antlers are not dangerous to dogs and instead they are nutritious and they last for a long time. Meanwhile, milk bones or other types of chew things will not last in the same way antlers would. Antlers are very tough and your dog will surely enjoy chewing on them for hours and more.
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There are many other benefits that dogs will get from these horns. Antlers can actually keep your dog’s teeth cleaner, stronger and healthier. Dog’s also can easily get rid of food particles and plaque that gets deposited on teeth as time goes by. In effect, other dental problems such as tooth decay can be avoided. Contrary to what some people believe, deer antlers will not give a bad smell ever after a long time no matter how much the dog chews on it. While it is true that antlers are good for dogs and that they are not harmful, dogs are prone to choke on anything that they eat so you need to watch your dogs while they chew on antlers. In this regard, throw away the antler when it has already become too small. Now with those facts in mind, how does a dog owner normally offer antlers to their pets. Divide the antler into smaller parts and give it to the dog one at a time because it is ridiculous to give them everything. Ideally you will need to reduce the antlers to smaller chunks about 6-inches in size using any sharp knife or a hacksaw if you have that. To summarize, antlers make good and healthy treats that dogs will surely love. Most importantly, antlers are cheap. If you are looking for Antler dog chew, click this.