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The Basics of Mesothelioma Survival Rate

Mesothelioma is a condition that is caused by asbestos exposure. Even if the asbestos exposure was many years ago this condition does not show itself immediately but after a couple of years. Fatigue, coughing and an on and off fever are the early symptoms of this condition that are mistaken to be of a cold, the flu, bronchitis or any other similar ailments. By the time the disease becomes evident enough to be diagnosed, it usually too late. Living a few more months or accepting a medical treatment just to ease the pain and make them more comfortable is the only options a patient has. It is known that the survival rate is not favorable.

In order to unveil the solution that will enable early detection of this condition, the researchers are committing more of their time and effort. Chemo, radiation, and surgery treatment have better chances of success when this happens. Scientists have made big strides in their effort by the release of the Mesomark blood test that promises to increase the Mesothelioma survival rate. Living past a year despite the less than a year prognosis is a testimony of some patients. A select few have also lived for five years though chances cancer will return is high.

It is not clearly known why the patients respond differently to the treatments despite the fact that all of them receive the same immune therapy treatments. Treatments targeting the immune system comes in two types which are the clinical trials and the alternative treatments which are all categories of immune therapy treatments. Mesothelioma survival rate seeks to be increased by researchers through the early detection of the disease and strengthening of the immune system. There are a couple of survivors such as a boy by the name Paul Kraus. He has beaten the odds and managed to live 13 more years after his diagnosis in 1997. 35 years ago when he was working in a factory he got exposed to asbestos.
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After the diagnosis, the Australian born changed his lifestyle. He became a vegetarian, he included supplements in his diet and juicing. He underwent ozone therapy that drains the body of the blood then adds ozone to the blood and drips it back in the body. All these are in an effort to prolong his life and despite the fact that he is getting weaker he lives a painless life and he seems to survive for a couple more years. He speaks about another old man who got the same diagnosis 14 years ago to instill hope and motivation to his fellow patients. A chest wall resection operation on the man later eliminated mesothelioma recurrence. The Beginner’s Guide to Asbestos